More people in more places can now compete, connect and collaborate than ever before

- Thomas Friedman, 2003

The World is Flat’ by Thomas Friedman; a book published in 2003, addresses a very important element of our century. In this digital age the corporate playing field is changing, it is being leveled and national borders are slowly fading away. ATA48 acknowledges this change and we see great opportunities in online collaboration, building the products that are needed in this digital age.

Outsourcing to Bulgaria will offer you a competitive price due to lower production costs. But the good thing is, that in terms of, time zone, educational level and (organizational) culture, the cooperation will stays close to Western market.

Advantages of outsourcing to ATA48:
- Work with highly educated professionals
- Competitive price
- Only 2,5 hour by plane, we can always catch a plane to meet you!
- Working in a convenient timezone (GMT+2)


If you would like to collaborate with us please request a quote for your project.